Bee Studies 2021, Vol 13, Num, 1     (Pages: 023-030)

Microbiota and Its Importance in Honey Bees

Ayse Ebru BORUM 1

1 Balıkesir University, Veterinary Medicine Faculty, Department of Microbiology, Balıkesir, Turkey DOI : 10.51458/BSTD.2021.14 Viewed : 543 - Downloaded : 250 In recent years, research on human and animal health has emerged as a very important microbiota and microbiome. Microbiota; has important functions in metabolism, immune system, growth and development. In recent years, it has been understood that the microbiota is effective in the protection of bee health in colony so prevent losses in honey bees. Season, flora, food sources, age of the individual, duties in the hive, chemicals used in the fight against parasites and pathogens, and many other factors can be effective on the microbiome of honey bees. Keywords : Bee Functions Microbial community