Bee Studies 2016, Vol 8, Num, 1     (Pages: 001-005)

Using of Thymol in Fighting Against Varroa Destructor

Ertaç TUTKUN 1

1 Arı Farma Ltd. Şti. Şaşmaz – Ankara Viewed : 246 - Downloaded : 131 Varroa Destructor known as most important parasite of honeybees both in Turkey and the world causes weakening of their colonies by sucking hemolymph of honeybees and to die in a few years. Nowadays, there are lots of methods used to diagnose Varroa Destructor. The main methods used in diagnosis of disease are to shake mature honeybee with ether, alcohol, hot water, detergent, gasoline or to treat honeybees with castor sugar and to examine existence of parasite in male cell. According to research, it is determined that maximum efficiency of lots of essential oil compounds is almost 98 %. In this study, the aim is to give information about thyme types in diagnosis of Varroa Destructor in honeybees. Keywords : Varroa destructor, thyme, disease, treatment