Bee Studies 2021, Vol 13, Num, 2     (Pages: 043-049)

Influence of Different Classes of Insecticides on Honey Bee Survival

Saffet Sansar 1

1 Apiculture Research Institute Directorate, Ordu, Turkey DOI : 10.51458/BSTD.2021.17 Viewed : 1815 - Downloaded : 1087 Pesticides used to prevent or control unwanted pests are often being considered as a cause of the decline of the honey bee (Apis mellifera) population. Exposure to insecticides, or a group of pesticides, has many negative effects on honey bees. Here we elucidated whether feeding carbon microparticles, designed to absorb pesticide residues, improved to the survival of honey bees exposed to pesticides. Honey bees were exposed to different classes of insecticides (thiamethoxam, chlorpyrifos, and carbaryl) for 10 days. The study shows that feeding carbon microparticles didn`t ameliorate the survival of honey bees exposed to insecticidal compounds. Keywords : Honey bee Carbon microparticles Pesticides