Bee Studies 2020, Vol 12, Num, 2     (Pages: 037-041)

The Effects of Some Essential Oils Against Nosemosis

Fatih Yılmaz 1 ,Ahmet Kuvancı 1 ,Feyzullah Konak 1 ,S. Hasan Öztürk 1 ,A. Emir Şahin 1

1 Apiculture Research Institute, Ordu, Turkey DOI : 10.51458/BSTD.2021.7 Viewed : 4886 - Downloaded : 3506 Nosema is an important disease that negatively affects bees' performance by disrupting the digestive system of bees. The disease, which is known to be widespread in almost every part of the world except Central Africa, is a highly dangerous fungal infection for honey bees, which occurs with infection of honey bees' ventricular epithelial cells by Nosema apis and Nosema ceranae. Nosema infection, one of the most common diseases in honey bees, is more dangerous due to the adverse effects of the factor itself and secondary infections. It is one of the most important causes of honey bee colony losses. This study aimed to investigate the effectiveness levels of essential etheric oils against nosema infection. 21 colonies obtained from Ordu Region, equalized physiologically and divided into 7 groups. Nettle, laurel, eucalyptus, thyme, garlic oils (after dilution of 0.48%), and apple cider vinegar were given to each colony 6 times at 3 days intervals of 3 mL/L to 1:1 ratio syrup (prepared for each separate group). Adult bee samples were taken from all colonies before each additional feeding, and nosema spore counts were performed. Keywords : Honey bee Nosema Thyme Garlic Supplementary feeding